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“Inanimate Objects”
BNN Neighborhood Art Gallery located at 3025 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02119

Stan Eichner

Reception Monday October 16, 2017 from 5:30-7 pm - Free and open to the public!

James Cole

Lynn Liberman

Lynn Liberman

Lynn Liberman

Julia  Angela Theresa

Julia  Angela Theresa

Julia  Angela Theresa

Curated by Art Studio 99 - Janice Williams


August/September 2017

"Summer at the Beach".
BNN Neighborhood Art Gallery located at 3025 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02119
Reception Monday August 7, 2017 from 5:30-7 pm - Free and open to the public!


Karen McFeaters
View From George's Island
6 x 12
acrylic on canvas
Stan Eichner
Over the Dunes
11 x 14
digital photograph
Tommy Cherry
The Beach Stroll
9 x 12
oil on panel

Romani Berlekov
Coast Guard Beach, Cape Cod

12 x 16
acrylic on canvas

Donna Baldarassi
18 x 24
mixed media -
fine art paper & oil on panel

Karen Cagan
Motif #1-Rockport, Massachusetts 
11 x 14
Marcia Cooper
Kite Flyer
24  x 18
Judy Ulman
Key West Sunset
12.5  x   18.5
digital photograph

Jenn Sherr
The Vineyard
8 x 10

David Stickney
Singing Beach 
16 x 20

Gail Fischer
Like Father, Like Daughter
9 x 11

Kristin Heuwold
11 x 15
Angelina Nichols
Searching for the Stone
4 x 6

Theme: Portrait - and the story behind it!


Location: BNN Neighborhood Art Gallery, 2nd floor
June 15-July 31, 2017

3025 Washington Street, Egleston Square, Boston, MA 02119


Johanna Bohoy
My Quilt
mixed media
12.5 x 17
I started this art sometime, I think, in the 70s– a self portrait with a quilt covering of things in the world that were part of me; some unwillingly. The plan was to keep adding to my quilt of life over the years. Recently I discovered it in a drawer – some 40 years later. So, I added some more things; very aware that there are large gaps of missing time.
Paula Carranza
Maria Lebron
35 1/2 x 47
It was a portrait designed to depict her work with Mission Main. MassArt sponsored an exhibit of “People of Purpose” from 1900 - 2000 to be exhibited at City Hall. I was chosen to participate and I was able to paint this portrait of the juxtaposition of the Mission Hill church to reflect her impact on the neighborhood.

Veda Daly
Ink Painting on Rice paper
17 x 20 Framed
This is a portrait of my interpretation of Guanyin. She is commonly known in Asia as the “Goddess of Mercy, Compassion and Kindness.” In studying ink wash painting and visiting Asia, I was inspired to paint this image.

Inga Dankers
Strength in Thought
Water Color
18 x 22
Story: Unexpected moments happen. My passion for portrait painting has me sometimes just taking one quick shot of a total stranger for painting.

Alan DeMola
oil on panel
14 x 14
Ernesto was a Santa Fe street artist who was showing his work near a formal gallery. I started a conversation with him about his work and he was very friendly. He painted street scenes and was very good. I asked if he showed his work in any local galleries and he said not anymore, I refuse to pay high commissions. He was gracious enough to let me take his picture at the time.

Stan Eichner
Elderly Woman in Park
11 x 14: framed
digital photography
I was in Cuba in November 2015 on a photo tour. We went to this lovely park in Havana where this striking woman was sitting on a bench talking to someone else from the tour. I used a long lens to capture her incredible expression without her being aware of me or the camera. I was enthralled with her beauty and vibrancy.
Rose Gallogly

8 x 10
0il on panel
This portrait began on a spring afternoon in 2015, as I was sitting alone on a public bus traveling through the Irish countryside. I was traveling home from an appointment at a hospital in Galway, the closest city to the small town in which I was spending the semester. Returning from that appointment it hit me how sick, scared, and alone I might have felt, if my mother had not noticed and made me attend to a medical condition that I had recently been diagnosed with — something that was not serious only because it was caught and treated so early on. And, not for the first time, it hit me how deeply and fully my mother has always cared for me. During that bus trip, I decided that I would soon paint this specific image as an attempt to express some of my immense gratitude. This painting is a translation of a childhood photograph of me in my mother’s arms, and a physical expression of how deeply I have always felt her care.

John Monteiro
Critical Thinking
Size: 25”x31” framed
Scratchboard and watercolor
My intent at that time and as it remains today, is to have everyone especially young people listening to and reading subject matter that will elevate their consciousness. We need critical thinkers in these times of, breaking news, fake news and most importantly, leadership deficiencies.

Deb Putnam
Portrait of Allison
oil on canvas
24 x 36
This is a painting of my daughter Allison posing in front of her own art gallery, the refrigerator, before she heads off for a day in kindergarten. Always a fashionista, she’s clad in her saddle shoes, home-sewn Rothschild’s coat and clutching her My Little Pony lunchbox, determined to meet the world.

Adele Rothman
charcoal, conte crayon, and pastels
15 x 20
"Pedro Brandao is the long-time custodian for the Hyde Park division of the Boston Department of Neighborhood Development, which is in the same building as the Hyde Park Art Association. He has known some of members of HPAA for years, and he is a favored model for the weekly portrait class. 
He was born in the Azores. As one can see from my drawing of him, he a handsome man.  What you can’t see in the drawing is that he a flamboyant person, usually wearing eye-catching shirts."

Kayla Skillin
The Wonders of the Red Line
14 x 14
This is a candid portrait of my nephew, Gregory. It was a hot, summer day in Dorchester - too hot to be in clothes! Gregory was fascinated by the Red Line that frequently runs by our living room window and just stood at the window pointing and screeching with excitement everytime it rode by.

Daenerys Targaryen
Mother of Dragons
pencil on paper
11 x 17

Fictional Character from Game of Thrones. I choose to draw her because she is a strong, cool and beautiful woman. She is a leader and is not afraid of anything.  She is fair and it's pretty cool that she can ride a Dragon.



Previous Exhibits

March/April 2017
Reception Monday March 6 from 5:50 pm to 7 pm - Open to the Public

BNN is located at 3025 Washington Street, Egleston Square, Boston, MA 02119 - Web Site

Theme: "For the Beauty of Flowers"
Particpating Artists

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Meg Madison
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Janice Williams

Current Exhibit through February 2017
"Winter in New England"

The exhibit opens on Tuesday January 2, 2017 and runs through the month of February, 2017. There will be a reception with the artists open to the public on Monday January 9 from 5:30-7 pm.

Fourteen artists working in a wide variety of mediums: oil, acrylic, watercolor, photography and monotype print have been selected for this exhibit. The artists are: Muriel  Angelil (North Shore), Phyllis Bluhm (Roslindale), Heather Cochran (Roslindale), Nick Costopoulos (East Boston), Kathryn Deputat (Jamaica Plain), Erik Gehring (Roslindale), Christoph Gervais (Roslindale), Richard Pepp (Roslindale), Mark Person (Boston), Anne Quinlan (West Roxbury), Patricia Steiner (South Boston), Tom Steiner (South Boston), Donna Tessari (Hyde Park) and Ginny Zanger (Jamaica Plain).

The BNN Neighborhood Art Gallery is available for viewing during BNN hours of operation, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. It is located on the second floor at the Charles J. Beard II Media Center at 3025 Washington Street, Egleston Square, Boston, MA 02119. When visiting BNN you will be required to sign in and show a picture ID.

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