Deadline to Participate was January 31, 2021 – now closed and book being assembled. If you would like to be notified about publication, contact me at email below.

ABOUT Project
I have lived in Roslindale for over 25 years. When I first moved here and wanted to get involved in the community, I read a great history of Roslindale put together by Judy Kunze. It helped me to learn and love the community. I got involved through the arts and Roslindale Village Main Street.

I am documenting womxn of Roslindale for a moment in time so that future residents can see the wonderful and diverse womxn of Roslindale.

The book will include photos and short bios of the wonderful women who work and live in Roslindale. I will document a special demographic who make our community special day in and day out in many ways. Current plans are to self-publish a book that will be for sale the proceeds going to Roslindale Village Main Street.

Do you have a photo of somewhere in Roslindale to add to the book?

Thank You – Janice Williams – 617-710-3811 –

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