It Takes A Village….
From the Editor Janice Williams

This booklet was created as a historical document for future generations to know some* of the wonderful womxn of Roslindale. When I moved to Roslindale in 1993, I became very involved in the community. I looked around to find out some of the history and was grateful to have a document authored by David and Judith Kunze called “Superb Suburb”. I fell in love with Roslindale and its potential through this document. Read it here

When I moved here, the business district was almost totally abandoned and severely neglected. At that time many business owners and the City of Boston were working hard to revitalize a once booming shopping district. Roslindale was the location for the first Boston Main Street program brought by Mayor Menino. Both my husband Glenn and I eagerly became involved with Roslindale Village Main Street and a growing local art community as well. I volunteered along with other community members to help revitalize Roslindale. 

Now many years later I still live in Roslindale and cherish the fruits of everyone’s hard work and passion. Roslindale today bustles with busy shops, restaurants, banks, personal services, a food pantry, a community refrigerator, a farmers’ market, a nature center, an arboretum, a medical center, library, swimming pool, post office, churches, commuter rail, community centers, social security office, grocery store, specialty food stores, parks, an independent pharmacy and more, all within walking distance for most residents. Roslindale is a wonderful diverse and caring community because of the people who live here.

I chose as my first Roslindale compilation to focus on womxn as a great deal of the Roslindale revitalization has been shaped by womxn. Womxn continue to be active and creative business owners and community leaders. These are their stories. Each womxn listed provided their bio in their own words. 

To get a PDF of this booklet, I am asking that a donation be made that will go to Roslindale Village Main Street. To get your copy emailed to you, donate ($5.00 minimum) here: LINK

*I spent about a year gathering photos and bios (a great COVID pandemic project). Any womxn in Roslindale was invited to participate. Some declined and some I know will be disappointed that they either didn’t meet the deadline, or they never saw the notices. For that reason, I am giving this the notation of Volume 1. Should I get another round of photos and bios I will do a volume 2. 

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